Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Surviving Week 5

You'd think that being on a modified bed rest that I would start to feel better and my back would hurt less.  But in all reality, that is far from the truth.  Just because I've been switched to a modified bed rest, my wardens still make me spend most of the day with my bum planted on the couch.  I do get out and walk to the mailbox, those 200 steps are my lifesaver!  I can get my own meals and love getting up and moving around more.  But since I've done nothing but sit for the past 4 weeks, the walking that I do still makes my back hurt.  Plus, I'm too exhausted to do much.  :(

The worst of it is when you rest all day, you can't sleep at night. Then you go to bed late and begin a vicious cycle, which I'm currently caught in. I cannot take a nap during the day, fearing I won't sleep at night. But then, I never fall asleep before 1am anyway.

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