Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Well I made it to 32-weeks!  That was my very first goal according to Dr. Hunt.  Now I just have to get to 34 & 36 weeks

Week 4 - Bed Rest

My bladder is not a trampoline!  People wonder why I gave her the nickname Kangaroo, well, there you have it!  Between the barrel rolls, the massive kicks that shake my entire belly, and the pushing on my bladder, it totally fits her.

The full on back pain has hit this week too.  Sure, I had it last week, but it seems to me 1000000x worse this week.  My tailbone hurts, my right hip hurts, but its my left one that is killer.  I've been icing and enjoying my Tylonel & Tylonel PM, but nothing helps.  Laying on my right side makes the inhabitant get angry, and laying on my left side just sends pain shooting down your leg and up your back.  Yea, sounds like fun doesn't it!  I'll trade you!

BUT, when I went to the doctor today she switched me from full bed rest to "modified" bed rest.  I've never been so happy!  I'm still on bed rest, but I'm allowed to do things like get up walk around more, make my own lunch, get in the pool, drive, among others. I just can't do any heavy lifting, vacuuming, and I still need to plant my bum on the couch and relax. Woot woot!!

Also, for those of you following my adventure, here is a few photos taken for 32-weeks

 Maybe after she's born, I'll share the real photo with her name on those blocks.  BUT, at this time, no one gets to know!

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