Thursday, November 27, 2008

Birthing suites were nice, nurses were great, bed was like concrete

This is where I spent my 4 days in the hospital....  I had some requests for photos
Hey, look!  Its a bathroom!
Where Mike spent his nights, doesn't it look comfy!
Me, my friend-the IV stand, & my contraction monitor

On the phone with my brother Brad
doesn't that look like fun!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

December is the lucky month!

We're just not sure what the lucky day will be.  Will I be able to hold out till my original due date or will he decide to come out early?  So you may be wondering what the plan is.  I had a doctors appointment yesterday and according to Dr Hunt I will be on my meds and bed rest until December 1st.  Then I go see her on the 1st, go off my meds, off bed rest, and we wait to see what the little guy wants to do.  She thinks I'll deliver within the week, I just hope it's not on my birthday!  Currently I am 34 weeks, and by the 1st I'll be 36 weeks which was my target holding week :)  So who is betting on the due date?  I want to hear guesses!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

T is for Tiger

 Just like it says on the door, you wake him, you take him!!  Of course, we won't let you take him far, but it's up to you to put him back to sleep!  Who wants that responsibility?!
This is what you see when you walk in the door, we still have to get fabric for the curtains
The reading nook, with the comfy recliner we got from Mikes Parents & threw a slipcover on to match the room.  Looks new!  Winnie the Pooh lithographs and the painting his daddy made.
Looking back towards the crib & changing table
The dresser won't stay that messy!  Look at all of mommies photos!
The adorable & soft T is for Tiger Bedding
Wild Mobile and crib
All his animals to watch over him.
The changing table & moms photos
So cute!
We cannot wait till we have a cute little man hiding out in there too!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

In the craziness of last week...

I never got around to posting pictures from the Shower my Aunt and mother threw for me!  We decided to have the party at my house which was super fun to show off the house.  We played a few shower games and ate way too much cake!  The little guy got tons of clothes, books, and other fun things.  We didn't take too many pictures, but here are the ones we did.
The edible cake and the diaper cake
Everyone in the living room
Me in the kitchen
Nate, the only man there!
Adorable Lion towel being passed around
The next addition to the Gross family, Allison, & I
The Yummy cookie Favors
Jen & Nate
A Pile of gifts
A close up of the Diaper Cake
I hope everyone had tons of fun!  Because I had a blast!  

Friday, November 7, 2008

Im home!

Mike and I went in for our 32 week ultrasound last Tuesday and ended up in the hospital.  Well I did, he was just there for the fatherly support.  Turns out our little boy decided he'd had just about enough of the inside view and thought it was time for him to make his outside view!  I was having 15+ contractions an hour and not feeling any of them.  So of course I was admitted to the hospital and giving lots of drugs and monitored for the next 3 days.  The contractions finally slowed down and I was allowed to come home on Friday.  I'm confined to bed rest, only able to be on the couch, the bed, or in a recliner.  My mom has come down and moved in to take care of me.  Mikes mom has brought over dinner and we're all set.  I'm stircrazy already but they said if he'd bake till at least thanksgiving he'd be better off coming then.  So me and the little man are taking it easy!  I will say that bed rest really isnt as much fun as it sounds!