Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm making WAFFLES!

This morning I was brushing my teeth and Carter came upstairs with the PB jar and a spoon.  I said, "What have you been doing?"  He responded "I made you breakfast Momma. & now I'm eating PB out of the Jar!" I got a little worried and asked him what he made for me.  He said "I made waffles, I put them in the toaster and pressed the red button to pop them up.  I also put Peanut Butter on them for you and gave you my Curious George plate."

While I was very happy he'd made me breakfast, I was a little worried and told him that unless someone is downstairs to watch him, he is not allowed to use the toaster alone.  


Anonymous said...

What's he gonna do, toast his head? Let the boy toast! What a sweetie.

Holly Gross said...

I have to buy a new toaster for him to use it alone, at least he pressed the red button, because otherwise our toaster doesn't pop up! *eek*

Anonymous said...

So proud of Carter being the big boy. What a great lil helper he is going to be.