Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Week 6 of 8.....*sigh*

SO far so good, I'm 34-weeks now!  Which means miss Kangaroo has a chance of being okay if she comes out now. So far, my cervix, uterus, and baby are all behaving themselves.  Just two more weeks of bed rest!!

I've been rotating the same two pathetic maternity pants with various tank tops since the beginning.  My mom gave me some magazines to pick out some "after baby" clothes for me, but for some reason, I'm not interested in buying stuff for myself. However, I've found that I am glued to buying everything baby online.  My husband will probably wonder why the credit card bill has been so much higher even though i'm not going anywhere!   

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Surviving Week 5

You'd think that being on a modified bed rest that I would start to feel better and my back would hurt less.  But in all reality, that is far from the truth.  Just because I've been switched to a modified bed rest, my wardens still make me spend most of the day with my bum planted on the couch.  I do get out and walk to the mailbox, those 200 steps are my lifesaver!  I can get my own meals and love getting up and moving around more.  But since I've done nothing but sit for the past 4 weeks, the walking that I do still makes my back hurt.  Plus, I'm too exhausted to do much.  :(

The worst of it is when you rest all day, you can't sleep at night. Then you go to bed late and begin a vicious cycle, which I'm currently caught in. I cannot take a nap during the day, fearing I won't sleep at night. But then, I never fall asleep before 1am anyway.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Step right up, pick a date!

Since Everyone knows my EDD is October 8th.  I've decided in my boredom to start a baby pool!  I want to see what you people are saying.  I have my date all picked out in my mind & it's not a secret!  Originally, I was thinking just the date, but thats not any fun!  So we will add weight and length as well!  Maybe even a time if two people pick the same day!  

This Momma is saying September 18th - 7 lbs 2 oz & 22"  

At my 32 week apt, she was 4 pounds 10 oz.  

Happy Picking!

All Entries must be in by 9/12 @ Midnight!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm making WAFFLES!

This morning I was brushing my teeth and Carter came upstairs with the PB jar and a spoon.  I said, "What have you been doing?"  He responded "I made you breakfast Momma. & now I'm eating PB out of the Jar!" I got a little worried and asked him what he made for me.  He said "I made waffles, I put them in the toaster and pressed the red button to pop them up.  I also put Peanut Butter on them for you and gave you my Curious George plate."

While I was very happy he'd made me breakfast, I was a little worried and told him that unless someone is downstairs to watch him, he is not allowed to use the toaster alone.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Well I made it to 32-weeks!  That was my very first goal according to Dr. Hunt.  Now I just have to get to 34 & 36 weeks

Week 4 - Bed Rest

My bladder is not a trampoline!  People wonder why I gave her the nickname Kangaroo, well, there you have it!  Between the barrel rolls, the massive kicks that shake my entire belly, and the pushing on my bladder, it totally fits her.

The full on back pain has hit this week too.  Sure, I had it last week, but it seems to me 1000000x worse this week.  My tailbone hurts, my right hip hurts, but its my left one that is killer.  I've been icing and enjoying my Tylonel & Tylonel PM, but nothing helps.  Laying on my right side makes the inhabitant get angry, and laying on my left side just sends pain shooting down your leg and up your back.  Yea, sounds like fun doesn't it!  I'll trade you!

BUT, when I went to the doctor today she switched me from full bed rest to "modified" bed rest.  I've never been so happy!  I'm still on bed rest, but I'm allowed to do things like get up walk around more, make my own lunch, get in the pool, drive, among others. I just can't do any heavy lifting, vacuuming, and I still need to plant my bum on the couch and relax. Woot woot!!

Also, for those of you following my adventure, here is a few photos taken for 32-weeks

 Maybe after she's born, I'll share the real photo with her name on those blocks.  BUT, at this time, no one gets to know!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Week 3....*muffled screams*

My friend was right, 3-weeks. It only took me 3-weeks to feel stir-crazy. There may have been some rule breaking this week. I will neither confirm nor deny. It's like dealing with this is not unlike going through the five stages of craziness, denial, or grief, it really depends on the day!

I mean, who can complain about being on doctor's orders to stay in a comfortable, relaxed position while allowing others to take care of me as much as possible? Definitely not my lazy ass. It hasn't been easy, though.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The boy loves Dogs

Our dear sweet Dakota passed away and if we didn't have access to my moms dog Sadie, I think the boy might go through withdrawal.  I know I am!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pool time at Gamma's

We spent the weekend up at my moms house and enjoyed some time floating in the pool.  Of course, the boy would not give me a smile, even though he was having tons of fun!  

I just love this video of him talking about his sister

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week 2

t's great having visitors, but I often feel guilty because all hostess behavior is out of the question. And though I have housekeeping help, everything is out of place!  Anything that has a home in my office, is just pilling up in my office because I cannot exactly put into words where it is supposed to go.  I feel like an invitation to my place reads something like this: "You are cordially invited to sit in a dirty house with a pregnant shut-in whose hair is a disaster and roots are growing in at an alarming rate."  Speaking of beauty rituals, you'd think with all this down time, I'd have flawless looking skin, but my beauty habits seem to have dropped off the face of the earth along with showering!

But all in all, this isn't so terrible. I've got my laptop and can work from bed, I've got my phone to play endless games.  I go through my address book and catch up with old friends. But a day of reckoning is coming. "I give you three weeks," says one friend. "By then, you'll start to go insane."