Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 165, only 115 days to go

So, Days 157-165 were spent in the beautiful state of Hawaii.  We visited many places & saw lots of fun & cool things.  165 was our Last day in Hawaii & we were on a quest to find what was known as Puu Mahana, or Green Sand Beach.  Green sand beaches are made from Olivine Crystals, which are very rare, there are only two Green Sand Beaches in the world!  To get to this beach, one must either use a 4-wheel drive vehicle or hike six miles from South Point, KA Lae, the southern most tip of the USA.  

We didn't know it was that long of a hike, but Mike & I didn't make it, Jeff & Allison did though & brought back this beautiful picture!

But we did see a lot of beautiful scenes along the way!  
The waves were absolutely huge!!
4 people standing on the most southern spot in the USA!
One VERY pregnant lady! (that's my bump pic for this month!)

We had an absolute blast, so check out the family blog for more Hawaii Fun!!

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