Saturday, September 27, 2008

These ain’t your grandma’s cloth diapers!

We've decided to take the crazy plunge and try Cloth Diapering!  I know what most of you are thinking... We're Crazy!  But Cloth diapering has come a long way since giant safety pins.  So what made us decide that was the road we were going to take?  Lots of research and asking around, sure our water bill will be a bit higher, but we're going to be doing more laundry anyway & in the long run, cloth diapering saves you more pennies than the others.  Cloth diapers are expensive initially, but in the long run run save you a lot of money.  Studies show that the average child goes through 8,000 diaper changes before being potty-trained; at 25 cents a diaper, that adds up to $2,000!  So the money you invest in cloth saves you quite a bit, particularly if you plan on using cloth for more children (& yes, someday we'll have two).  Also, cloth diapers have great resale & a high quality diaper will resell on ebay for as much as 50% of the purchase price, trust me, I've looked around!  

Plus, using cloth diapers is the best thing you can do for your babies skin & the environment.  Do you know how many diapers end up in landfills?  Billions!!  Did you also know the little gel beads inside disposable diapers are made with the same stuff tampons used to be made of?  The same tampons that were recalled because they caused Toxic Shock Syndrome?  I'm not sure I want that touching my babies bum!  

Convenience is key!  The new cloth diapers secure with soft velcro closures or snaps - no more diaper pins!  Multiple inner layers of absorbent, natural materials in the center soaker panels replace those gels I was just talking about.  The variety is mind-boggling, with choices ranging from fabrics, prints, color, number of layers, type of closure and style of cover.  You can choose from prefolds, fitted, pocket, all-in-ones, or one-size diapers.  

While they say to buy a few different types and choose what you and your baby like, after looking at ALL the choices, I have decided to go ahead and give the BumGenius brand a try.  
You can check them out at There are so many choices and we may find that we don't like those, but from what I've heard from other moms, those are amazing diapers!  


Kara Greving Larson said...

Holly, I love this idea! I always wanted to use them when we have kids (in the far future) but didn't know if anyone was doing that anymore. I will have to come to you in 5+ years to see how it all went and what worked the best! Wonderful blog- I love it!

Holly said...


Cloth diapering is a whole new world now!! They are so simple now!! I cannot wait to start using them! We just got some for a gift and they are so great! I'm sure in 5+ years I'll be a wealth of knowledge on Diapering. ha