Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Very Active Boy

Every time we go to the doctor, they tell me what an active boy we have.  Always bouncing around & hard to get all the necessary information during ultrasounds.  Which of course, is a good thing.  It means he's healthy.  But let me tell you, this kid is a kicker!  Every night right around 7:30-9pm, he is a kicking fool!  I just hope he's got his days and nights figured out by the time he decides to show his face!  He's about 10 minutes early today.  He's already started to tell me he's here!  I'm just hoping he's not going to be like this when he comes out!  From what I heard about Mike as a child, he just might be!!


Mike said...

Hahahaha very funny. :-) I was an angel.

Kari said...

Oh can't keep still either. I think he just might take after both of you! :)

m3w said...

I think he takes after Kota... I mean she is /your/ daughter. Post more!