Thursday, July 19, 2012

There was a 50/50 Chance...

That I'd end up on Bed rest with #2, well guess what... that day has come! My 50/50 chance has now been shot to a 100% chance of Yes. On 7/17, I went to the doctor for my normal every two week cervix check, I've been going every two weeks since the end of June. In June my dear cervix was 3.9cm, & on 7/17, it was 2.9cm, naughty cervix!!. Here's a bit of info for you, your cervix is where the uterus (womb) opens into your lady parts (I'll spare you the technical words or something that might make you giggle. The cervix during pregnancy should be in the range of 3-5 cm. Obviously, 2.9cm isn't much less than 3, but in the last 5 weeks mine keeps decreasing in length, and it will probably continue to do so! Since we went through this same thing with Carter, I knew it could happen. Only difference was, I was 32 weeks when I went on bed rest with him and I'm 28 weeks now. 4 extra weeks of bed rest! Killer!! But I have goals! Sadly, my first goal is still 4 weeks away, but after yesterday, I know this girl and I can do it!

Lets go back to the 17th. I got sent over to L&D for monitoring and those lovely Betamethasone (steroid) shot to mature baby's lungs, I remember them from CK too. I don't like needles, and I especially don't like these, the Betamethasone burns as it finds it's way into your body. But it's all worth it! Steroids help speed up the development of your baby's lungs and some other organs, which greatly increases her chances of survival. And being only 28 weeks, I'm going to need all the help I can get. She needs to grow more! To make me even more happy to be in there, they gave me a shot of Terbutaline, which is used to delay preterm labor for 48 hours to allow for fetal lung maturity through steroid injections. This is not something I'd wish on my worst enemy! Basically for the next 90 minutes you feel like a crack whore. I'm sure if I'd had the time to research it, I'd have said no thanks, considering the manufacturers urge you not to use it for preterm labor. But who has time to do these things when you're having contractions 7 minutes apart at 28 weeks. Thankfully, my contractions stopped and I was finally allowed to go home, promising that I'd be back the next day for round two of the Betamethasone shot & some more monitoring! Lucky me! When I went back the next day, everything was good, no contractions! The worst part about me saying no contractions is that unless I'm hooked up to that machine, I'd never know I was having a contraction anyway! I just can't feel them! Couldn't with Carter, still can't! That is probably the scariest part of this entire thing.

Back to the goals,my first goal is 32 weeks. If I make it there, it will be 34, then she's free to come anytime after 36 weeks. Only downside is I'm 45 minutes from my doctors hospital, one of the best in the state and they have an awesome NICU. Plus both baby and I could be there, unlike if I had to go to one of the hospitals out by me, baby would be transferred and I'd have to stay. So I'm hoping all goes well.  I know what you're all thinking after reading that I'm 45 minutes away from my hospital, I've gotta be crazy not to pick a different/closer doctor, but I LOVE my OB!!  She is awesome.  Then, the rest of you are thinking, 45 minutes is PLENTY of time to get to the hospital, but let me tell you, if my water breaks at home, you'll be seeing my face on the 6:00 news as to WHY there was so much traffic on the 101, because some lady was having a baby.  I will not make it.  I will spare you the time on my last labor, I do not want hate mail.

Bed rest sucks, this is my 3rd day? I'm trying to find things to keep me occupied, sadly, all the things I want to do I cannot! I must either be in bed, or on the couch. Not fully sitting upright, but not flat on my back. I can lay on my sides, or sit reclined. I'm AM enjoying the fact that I can get up and pee, but that's all I get to do, and it's a struggle having a 3 year old. But with both my mom and my MIL living in the same town as me, it makes it so much easier. Basically whoever doesn't have CK, has me. lol


Miss Directed said...

I must have said no to the treb shot a hundred times but I always had contractions 2 min apart so they made me have 4 over the course of the whole pregnance hated it everytime. good luck I am think of you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you are on bed rest. Believe me, I know how hard it is, especially with a little man running around who wants your attention (that was definitely the hardest part for me). I was on bed rest 4 weeks with my second and 6 weeks with my third. With my third I was dilated at 4 cm for the longest time and if I'd changed to 5 cm they would have hospitalized me until I delivered. Thankfully I never changed. With number 4 I am being cautiously optimistic that I won't be on bed rest at all (a girl can dream, right?). I'm 19 weeks and I honestly just take one day at a time. Progesterone shots from here on out. But as you know it is all worth it and when you look back on it 6-8 weeks of bed rest is nothing! And I'm not allowed to talk about my labors to anyone either which is probably why I am on #4 :). Prayers for you and baby! Take care,
Autumn Hickman Wendt