Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surviving Bed Rest....not a simple task!

Bed rest, it sounds like SO much fun doesn't it! You're pregnant, you're tired, laying in bed or on the couch all day sounds like a dream. I mean, really, how many of us have negative associations with lounging in bed? You always want a nap when you're pregnant!

Week 1
I'm working from home, so I've ordered a new laptop, the one I have is barely able to log-in to the internet. I have tons of images to edit and photo-books to make, I should be able to get it all accomplished. In the meantime, I'm carefully considering the 600 channels we pay for each month. But, there is nothing worth watching -- I have lots of movies and an entire season of Vampire Diaries to watch. I have plenty of books to finish, you know the kind, you start one, read a few chapters, decide it's not what you're in the mood for and put it down. Yes, I have 4 of those. I get all caught up on the emails sitting in my inbox, call all my friends, leave messages, tell everyone that this isn't so bad...yet, after all, this is only week 1!

My doctor said I'm not allowed to cook. clean, take care of my 3 year old, stand up too long, sit upright, do the ditty, basically, my bum has to be in bed or on the couch. The only thing I'm really allowed to do is go to the bathroom. Makes me wish my bathroom was on the opposite side of the house, not 10 steps from the couch. Sometimes, I cheat and walk around the kitchen before going to the loo. But the wardens here always tell me to get back to my perch! The meanest warden is the 3-year old! "Momma, you're not supposed to be standing, you're on bed rest!"

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