Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yippee I made it to 36-weeks!  I went in for my apt on Tuesday and ended up in L&D with high Blood Pressure.  Boo.  Dr. Hunt let me off bed rest for preterm labor, and threw me back on for the high pressure.  *cries*  Its only for 1 week, but I really had lots I needed to get finished before the Nugget shows!  Since my Tuesday apt, I have been in L&D twice.  Both times for high BP.  130/100 at the office, but it eventually drops and I get sent home.  Today I got the fun task of 24 hour urine.  If you dont know what it is, Im not going to tell you, google it.  Its not that fun.

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AWiseGal said...

Carrying the jug back in is the best part ... Or is the best part sticking it in your fridge next to the orange juice? So much fun ;)