Monday, November 17, 2008

T is for Tiger

 Just like it says on the door, you wake him, you take him!!  Of course, we won't let you take him far, but it's up to you to put him back to sleep!  Who wants that responsibility?!
This is what you see when you walk in the door, we still have to get fabric for the curtains
The reading nook, with the comfy recliner we got from Mikes Parents & threw a slipcover on to match the room.  Looks new!  Winnie the Pooh lithographs and the painting his daddy made.
Looking back towards the crib & changing table
The dresser won't stay that messy!  Look at all of mommies photos!
The adorable & soft T is for Tiger Bedding
Wild Mobile and crib
All his animals to watch over him.
The changing table & moms photos
So cute!
We cannot wait till we have a cute little man hiding out in there too!!


Carol Gross said...

Now all you need is Felix! I can't wait to show these pictures to Great Grandma and Grandpa when I'm there next week! What a room to be welcomed into the world with!

Mike said...

OK, no leaving our little one with Gma Gross until she learns that one should NOT end sentences with prepositions... Bad Gma. :)

Ken K. said...

I remember our first's lovely nursery; she spent 4 hours in there! Total!
3 months of colic will change your perspective on parenting books. Heck, it can almost kill you!
Hope you have it easy!

Carol Gross said...

Maybe, after Felix is born, you'll be too busy to continue your duties of Grammar Police! (And now I suppose you're going to correct my punctuation and tell me not to start a sentence with AND!) I'll try to not teach any of these bad habits to your offspring! (Translation: Grandma does not help with homework!)

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