Thursday, November 13, 2008

In the craziness of last week...

I never got around to posting pictures from the Shower my Aunt and mother threw for me!  We decided to have the party at my house which was super fun to show off the house.  We played a few shower games and ate way too much cake!  The little guy got tons of clothes, books, and other fun things.  We didn't take too many pictures, but here are the ones we did.
The edible cake and the diaper cake
Everyone in the living room
Me in the kitchen
Nate, the only man there!
Adorable Lion towel being passed around
The next addition to the Gross family, Allison, & I
The Yummy cookie Favors
Jen & Nate
A Pile of gifts
A close up of the Diaper Cake
I hope everyone had tons of fun!  Because I had a blast!  


Jeff Gross said...

You had so much fun that the little guy wanted to come out and join you!! :)

Mike said...

I just saw the cake and cookies, and we're having a BOY??? I didn't know that!! ;) Love you, Bumpkin!