Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's time for Solids!!

Mommy said we're going to try something new today... I'm not so sure
I don't know Dad, looks kinda funny
I don't know about this...
I thought I was a boob man...
Actually, it's kind of squishy between my lips...maybe...
MOM, what is Daddy giving me?
Leave me alone, I'm thinking
Secretly, I like it
I'm just not going to tell yet
But I think Mommy can see me smiling with me eyes
Ok, I can't hide it anymore!  
This is fun!
Daddy was making plane sounds
so serious!
I'm gosh darn cute!

Sadie is waiting for me to give her some

What, no more!?


Tanya said...

Thats awesome! I love how you captured it all!!!

Holly Gross said...

He's a character thats for sure!